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Topsail Tour '99 Pictures

The Court
The Ground Crew fixes up the court

Pweg - 11 Zak - 15

Pweg hits the ace!
Zak dives in on 4th possession!
Zak is about to fire an ace to give him the 15-11 victory.

Deez - 13 Zak - 15

Deez hits one of his patented diving shots.
Deez gets hung out to dry.
Zak makes a strong move to the zone, but Deez draws the charge.
Deez dives in to break up the serve!

Pweg - 11 Pete - 15

Pweg hits one of his patented spinning shots.
Pete hits a quick shot.
Pweg finishes off one his "raging bull" move.

Pete - 15 Deez - 13

Deez has his shot knocked away by Pete.
Pete uses his circle offense to score on Deez.
Deez hits his lone ace of the tournament.