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Topsail Tour 2000 Pictures & MOVIES


A monstrous wave covers the entire court (3.4 MB)
Zak hits a dramatic ace to win the singles title (4.3 MB)
The Court

Deez & Pete - 15 Pweg & Zak - 13

Deez scores after a nice crossover.
Deez manages to score while being pulled down.
Pete reaches back to tap in this shot.
Zak nails an ace.

Deez & Pete - 15 Pweg & Zak - 9

Deez taps in a nice pass from Pete.
Pweg decides to pull down Deez after the play.
Pweg nails the only 2 pointer of the week.
Pete goes right around Pweg for the score.
Deez scores while avoiding two defenders.

Deez & Pweg - 15 Pete & Zak - 14

Zak gets the dookie dive.
Deez prepares to launch an ace.
Pete finishes up a give-and-go with Zak.
Deez launches his 2nd ace of the match.
Deez reaches out to get the interception.

Zak - 15 Pete - 14

Pete knocks away a potential shot.
Pete dives to get the ball in the ocean.
A monstrous wave covers the court, as well as groundskeeper Pweg.
Zak celebrates his singles championship.