Dookieball Players

Active WDL Players

Career Ranking: 1
Style: Drives to the zone.
Information: A co-inventor of dookieball, a top player in the world, and one of the most active players in the sport.
Career Ranking: 5
Style: Post-up player
Informatio: Jumping in and out of singles retirement.
Career Ranking: 9
Style: Sharpshooter, but also drives.
Information: A co-inventor of dookieball, WDL acemaster, most active player (coming up on 100 singles games played).
Career Ranking: 8
Style: Likes to drive to the zone or shoot the 2.
Information: 2nd most wins in history, 3rd most games played, seeing a singles resurgence recently.
Career Ranking: 3
Style: Post-up player who can drive to the zone.
Information: Most dominant player in recent months, best doubles winning pct. in history.
Career Ranking: 2
Style: Post-up player.
Information: Formerly an unstoppable player, has not played since July 26, 2000.
Career Ranking: 6
Style: Drives to the zone, 2-point specialist.
Information: Best singles record last year, but has not played much this year.
Career Ranking: 10
Style: Drives to the zone, power game.
Information: Still learning the game but a dominating offensive force.

Pennsylvania Tour Players

Career Ranking: 4
Style: Post-up/Circle offense
Information: One of most potent scorers in singles history.

Career Ranking: 7
Style: Drives to the zone/circle offense
Information: One of first players ever, may be spreading the game to Pennsylvania area.