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"Pumping out a column or two a year since 2001"


Take It Easy A plea for the media to stop overreacting to everything that happens in any sport ever.
They Get Announcers An old-school Larson column about the potential problems with having commentators at our rec-league sporting events.
Dunking Carries Quite an Impact at Prep Level A feature written for ThisWeek Community Newspapers in early-February about the impact of the dunk in high school basketball


Just Guarantee Me You'll Stop Making Guarantees The first web site-only column in over a year looks at the absurdity of sports journalists going a little too bold on their predictions.
Obscure Rules Can Leave Fans Perplexed A column written for ThisWeek Community Newspapers in early-July about obscure and overlooked rules in sports.
Change Needed in OHSAA Baseball A column written for ThisWeek Community Newspapers in mid-May about the flaws in the Ohio High School baseball tournament.
Integrity of Sport on Line in High School Matches A feature written for ThisWeek Community Newspapers in early-May about about high school tennis players refereeing their own matches.


Too Much of a Good Thing Larson wonders if ESPN is going a little overboard with its coverage of the NFL. Plus, he has reason to suspect the apocalypse is near.
NFL Week 1 Impressions Larson gives you some real-deal insight on the opening week of play in The League
Mail Time It's time to open up Larson's bag of fan mail and see what pops out
Steroids: Why We Should Care, Mr. Whitlock Jason Whitlock baits Larson into another column with some cynical remarks about steroid-era sports
Being Unemployed and Other Post-College Activities Larson gets back on the horse after letting the man keep him down for the past three months
Eddie Sutton and the American Record Obsession A column from Larson's advanced journalism class written after the Eddie Sutton drunk-driving incident
Wake Forest: Keeping the Student in Student-Athlete This lengthy feature story, which appeared in the OGB, looks at the academic rigors for Wake Forest student-athletes. This version contains the full text, since 270 words were cut for space in the OGB.
Remember That Time Larson reminisces on some of the crazier parts of the college experience


ONLY $38,710! (plus hidden fees) This column was turned in verbatim for Larson's Writing for Publication class and has now been conveniently reprinted here.
True Life: I'm a Stringer for the Winston-Salem Journal Larson lets you in on the ups and downs of covering high school sports for $75 a story.
I'm Babbling Larson gives you his opinions, in no particular order.


Tweak This Larson with a "real" column on the BCS controversy-schmontroversy.
So I'm a Real Journalist Now? The Miami Herald experience.
Nothing Larson writes. No topic really, but nonetheless, he writes.
Inching Closer to the Real World - Apartment Life Larson examines how things are going down at The Corners at Crystal Lakes.
More Things That Suck Boredom drives Larson to revisit this old classic.
Dream Flop Larson finally gets around to mocking the most disappointing show on TV.


Confessions of a Budding Poker Addict Larson admits it: he was wrong.
Real World: Dishwashing A blow-by-blow account of Larson's historic final night of washing dishes.
Words in Search of a Topic Larson muses once again on a variety of topics from Lebron to A.C. Slater.
Those Other Sports (part 2) Part 2 of the "sports to watch when nothing else is on" discussion.
Those Other Sports (part 1) Larson discusses the "fringe sports" that fill his summer afternoons (when there's no baseball).
The Scott Strickland High School Experience The first biographical column from Anders Larson takes us through the life of a fellow Big Cat.
The Pen Hits the Fans Larson sifts through the masses to decipher the various types of fans.


Dumb... or Dumber Larson settles the age-old debate based of Lloyd vs. Harry.
Better late than never: My first Hoosiers experience Larson shares his thoughts after he finally gets around to watching this high school hoops classic.
Summing up Summer with Thumbs It's summer. You're supposed to be enjoying yourself, but you're bored. Why? Larson explores.
Why the Ruckus over Raul? A look at why this whole Raul Mondesi trade thing is getting blown a little out of proportion.
It's Not Really My World Cup of Tea, But... Anders Larson's diary of the World Cup Finals. Those who know about soccer, beware: Anders Larson does not.
Golf Shots Larson runs through the plethora of different shanks he has witnessed over the years.
Musings of a Man After a Game of Whiffleball Larson muses about TGIF, Barry Melrose, Michael Buffer, and other really important things.
A Season on the Brink: CNN/SI Fantasy Baseball 2002 A look at the most important team in the world, So Special, in the most important sport in the world, Fantasy Baseball.
And the Oscar goes to... Vlade! The reasons why Hollywood is actually spelled V-L-A-D-E.
The Golden Age of Sports Video Games A nostalgic look back at that pivotal time in human evolution. If you liked the "When it was a Game" series of videos, check out The Golden Age of Sports Video Games. Or even if you didn't like "When it was a Game."
Larson's Previous Columns Those classic Larson articles we all grew up with...

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