Brief Overview

Here is a basic overview of dookieball: The object of dookieball is to knock the ball into the 4' by 4' square called the dookie zone. Games are played to 15. Only the person serving the ball can score. You serve by tossing the ball off a triangular prism called the ball pounder. The dookie zone is 15' away from the ball pounder. You can move around if you are constantly bouncing the ball off your hand(s) without holding it. If you hold the ball, you must serve again. If the opponent grabs the ball, he gets possession. If the ball hits the ground, whoever touches the ball last does not get possession. Fouls are similar to basketball fouls. One player may not get over four possessions (downs) in a row, and after the fourth down they lose possession. A foul resets the possession count. Neither player may step into the dookie zone at any time. After scoring, the defender gets the ball. If a player hits the ball into the dookie zone on their first hit, it is worth two points. The ball is a basic $.99 playball. Each player gets two timeouts (a 20 second and a 60 second). You can also play two-on-two. There are many other rules below, but this should get you started.

Dookieball Court & Equipment

Complete Rules

Complete Rules and Handbook (save this and then open it with a word processor)
Having Problems? I can email you the full rules.