History of Dookieball

by DeezL

The game began in April of 1995, at a family gathering in Phoenixville, PA. Two brothers, "Pweg" and "Deez", began tossing a basketball against a triangular object. They then began to tap the ball into a small area they called the Dookie Zone. The are got its name because the area was marked off for the dog to "relieve itself" in. Thankfully, there wasn't much in there at the time.

They began playing with three of their cousins. They then began playing two-on-two matches. The first recorded match was 15-12. They played for two days there. The game was nearly forgotten until the next year, when playing resumed.

"Pweg" and "Deez" then decided to take matters into their own hands, building a ball pounder of their own. It was significantly smaller, and painted blue. They played often in their hometown, and then played again the next year at the family gathering. About six months later, they painted a dookie zone and a service line. A new rule was also made: a blitz line. They also painted this line. About three or four other people played against them in driveway. In the dookieball world, this is regarded as the top court in the world.

But about six months later, playing got serious. Pweg and Deez played two one-on-one matches in preparation for the big match with the cousins. Deez, the older brother, won both 15-3 and 15-2. This set up the greatest match ever: Pweg and Deez vs. their cousins. Pweg and Deez had the lead 14-13, but faltered and lost a heartbreaker 15-14 in a match that left Deez with two cuts and lasted almost forty-five minutes.

When the brothers got home, they began training again in preparation for any future matches they could schedule. This is what started the Winston-Salem Dookieball League. And soon after, the updated official dookieball rules were written. They are the same rules as the ones on this page.