Common Dookieball Moves

1. Up and Over - One of the first moves in the game. If the defender is playing tight defense, the player knocks the ball over them, go around them, and the player should have a wide open shot. Who uses it? Deez
An example of an up and over move
2. Crossover - Similar to a crossover in basketball. The players switches the hand he is bouncing the ball on quickly to get past the defender. Who uses it? Everyone
An example of a crossover by Deez
3. Ripshot - A low, quick shot that is generally shot from around 5-10 feet. Often the player crosses over before doing this. Who uses it? Deez

4. Dookie Dunk - A move where a player powerfully throws the ball down into the zone over another player (in doubles a dookie dunk is when a player catches a high pass and slams it down into the zone). Originated by Ben. Who uses it? Ben, Pete, Deez, John

5. Wrap-around - A move originated by Merny. The player makes a quick move to one side and quickly puts in a hard shot around the opponent. Who uses it? Pete, Pweg, Zak
Ben gets the wraparound after some trouble controlling the ball
6. Overhead - Another move originated by Merny. The player posts up and quickly whips the ball over his head and down into the zone. Who uses it? Not used much anymore

7. Raging Bull - A move originated by Pweg on the '99 Topsail Tour. The player charges at the opponent and quickly makes a move one way or another and fires a quick shot. Who uses it? Pweg
Pweg attempts the raging bull but can't do anything
8. Circle Offense - Originated by Pweg in 98-99. The player runs in circles around the zone and attempts to get free from the defender. Who uses it? Pweg, Pete